FrOSCon sadly cannot happen as a physical event but will be held online. All you need to participate is an internet connection and your web browser. Just click on the button below to visit the event.

Venue Partners

How it works

To participate in the conference all you need to do is follow the link. Doing so you will be directed to the conference portal, that functions as both a place for you to see the lectures but also as a social hub. There you can talk to other participants as well as speakers. This is also where you need to go to participate in workshops. You do not need to sign up but will only be asked to choose a name, otherwise you would not be able to participate in chat.

The lectures will be recorded and and will be available on and YouTube as soon as possible.

If you want to know which lectures are being held you can have a look at the Schedule. You can watch the lectures live from the conference portal or watch the recordings on after the event. The participation in workshops is only possible from the event portal though.

We would like to get to know you. We would be pleased if you take a few minutes to participate in our survey (Access code: Fros21). Feel invited to also tell us what you liked at FrOSCon 2021 and what we should improve for the next conference. Thank you!